IRMARFER is since 2014 a partner of the "Teléthon Paris Charity Event". IRMARFER use for this event since years the 40m dome structures in individual configurations.

Monte Carlo - Gala Event Prinz Albert II - zum Anlass Clean Ocean - Oktober 2018

A Custom Made Dome tent for the film festival at Cannes (France) for the premiere of "Let petit prince".

Miss Schweiz 2014 - Bern (Switzerland).
Dome tent 40 by 70m in transparent Design incl. height adjustable flooring system.

Sportalm Fashion Show & Gala Night - Kitzbühel (AT). Dome tent 30 by 75m incl. height adjustable flooring system from 0,2 till 3,5m level difference.

Our partner "IRMARFERUS (North America)" covered 2017 with an 40m Dome structure the spectacular red carpet productions of the MTV MVA.

Enjoy and feel the freedome of IRMARFER!