Hall systems for Sport facilities


Hall system for sports facilities (Tennis, Football, Basketball, universal,...)

  1. a full-year operation of outdoor sports facilities is now possible
  2. covering of one single court but also several cover systems can be interconnected, if required.
  3. Dimension of one court: 18 by 36m / two courts: 36 by 36m / three courts: 36 by 54m, continuous with a side height of 5m.
  4. water discharge with downpipes
  5. This system offers not only protection from bad weather conditions. It ensure with the given room height for more fun and a feeling of freedom at each matches. Your players will thank you for it.

Summer operation:
if necessary the side parts as well both upper end faces of the structures can be removed.

On customer request (optional):
- double roof membrane
- roof membranes / upper end faces / side parts are selectable:

  • white (translucent)
  • OPAQUE white
  • transparent
  • if required the side parts (longitudinal side / end faces/ upper end faces as well the roof faces) can be isolated with sandwich panels 60mm.

- on request, the membranes can be branded. (end faces or complete surface)
- added value for main sponsorships by visibility

WECOTHERM heating system:
We offer for every cover system the right heating concept.
- This system includes always the latest
- heating with oil, gas and liquid gas