Wave 55 R - tent structure of IRMARFER


Infosheet Wave 55 R Struktur

The Wave Structure R is unique in technology & design and impresses with its impressive technical data in relation to the ceiling height and suspension point loads at the roof. The Wave Structure R was designed for the requirement of high spans (without poles) in a round design and will be used for trade fairs, music festivals, major events, corporate and sporting events.


  • Polygon-structure
  • ridge height of WAVE 55 = 18m
  • modern technology & design
  • round shape
  • compatible with our heigh adjustable flooring system

Type of Membrane

  • Standard: Opac white
  • on request: White translucent & black or Membrane combinations (outside white - inside black)
  • Sandwich plate elements 40 - 60mm and real glass elements
  • Membrane made of high-gloss PVC-material, according to DIN 4102 B1 (flame-retardant, water.repellent and UV-resistent)

Hanging loads for Rigging

the max. hanging loads for rigging - WAVE 55 R: 300 - 500 kg / Punkt