VIP Dome tent structure of IRMARFER


If you are looking for more event space in a limited event area then it´s time to decide for our new VD-Solution. The dome structure is available in following sizes (20/25/30 / 40m diameter), that in combination with our height adjustable flooring system ​​a special kind of VIP area emerge. Thanks to the 2.5m / 5m / 7.5m pitch of our floor system (storey system), it is possible to use the ground floor as a bar / back office / sanitary area and the upper floor as a unique VIP area, or similar.

For each VIP Dome tent Design we offer the right mobile Wecotherm climate & or heating technology.

Find out now and decide for a new design with more possibilities!

VIP DOME 30 by 55m

Ground floor Area used for Backoffices, storage, sanitary or Bar´s
1st floor used for Restaurants, VIP Areas & terrace

VIP DOME 30 by 25m

Depending on the customer's requirements, we can adapt the design to their requirements. This is made possible by our modular & compatible dome & flooring system.

VIP DOME 30 by 45m

Depending on the customer's requirements, we can combine the roof membranes (transparent & Opac). Internal dimensions of this structure (ground floor + 1st floor) 20 x 40m + 3 sided outdoor terrace á 5m wide. Side elements available in real glass, membrane, sandwich plates and double door elements.

VIP DOME 30 by 40m

Due to our modular flooring system, we can also install the interior of the Dome & Wave Cubature individually -> horizontally. (1 -2 OG's)