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The company

IRMARFER, founded in 1998, is a result of a combination of only one wish and five different areas. It’s a dynamic project that doesn’t fall behind and it is constantly in search of leading the market. Twelve years ago we had ideas, a strong will and dreams. Nowadays, we share this ideas, a strong will and dreams with hundreds of partners that we’ve made throughout all these years.

Today, IRMARFER is the biggest national enterprise in the sector. It produces, sells and rents its products and services worldwide, and each new market / product is always a challenge.

Irmarfer is in constant growth. New clients, new collaborators, new partners multiply and make each day a different and exciting experience. We’ve always bet on Quality.

We’ve been certified since 2006 and today we are acknowledged as the first training school in the sector.

All of our products/ designs are registered in the OHIM -The Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (EU Agency).

Innovation, adapted technology to our activity, quality, work, organization and a strong will of all the IRMARFER Group are the reasons why the enterprise is nowadays acknowledged by the main market players as a trustworthy enterprise.

The future is in our hands. Transforming an awning, tent and stage set up enterprise into a design enterprise and solution finder of exterior covers, with a technological basis and where quality and know-how become allies to success, depends on us and on our dedicated and hard work.