SPORTING - temporary structures for Sport Events and Sport facilities

IRMARFER has partnered with sports teams world - wide to create spectacular, fully functional temporary sporting facilities. The IRMARFER WAVE, the largest temporary structure in the world, was featured at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.

Allow the design and engineering team of IRMARFER EU to design a custom structure to meet the needs of your next Event.

The modular construction system of IRMARFER DOME and WAVE tents can be adapted into temporary Sports Arenas to meet the needs of a wide range of sporting events for Tennis & Golf tournaments, Ice Skating equestrian sport, soccer and more.

Motorsport Events

IRMARFER dome tents meet any challenge and set at each sports an additional highlight. Although in motor sports, winter sports, tennis, golf, equestrian sport. The dome tents provide additional Eyecatcher and offer more space for more possibilities!

Cover your next Public Viewing with an DOME tent of IRMARFER.